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Meet the Founder

Founder, Equity Advisor & Strategist, Janell Thomas, MPH partners with organizations reshaping their workplace culture to build and sustain equitable environments where all employees can thrive. 

Janell Thomas, MPH

For over 13 years, Janell has provided strategic counsel, executive coaching, leadership,

and technical support to organizations that desire to mitigate inequities. Her portfolio consists of working with well-known philanthropic and non-profit organizations, hospital systems, universities, several national healthcare organizations, professional sports teams, and a prominent leadership institute. Conducting more than 100 executive sessions in partnership with numerous organizations, Janell's work has yielded a reduction in turnover, an increase in visible and invisible diversity of staff, and the development of equitable policies and practices that generate meaningful impact. 


After years of witnessing untapped talent and barriers to success, Janell founded My CoLab Partners to deliver effective solutions to organizations seeking equitable outcomes. My CoLab Partners is designed to meet the unique needs of each organization by aligning them with experts in the field of equity, inclusion, and diversity. With the belief that positive change at the nucleus of an organization transforms experiences at the individual level and fosters equitable engagements and investments in communities. 


Janell commits daily to creating workplaces where each individual can be seen and heard while authentically contributing their skills. She advocates that people should have the right to live the life they choose to live instead of having to live a life that has been forced upon them. 

Janell Thomas
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“Achieving equity creates a united legacy for dismantling systems of oppression.”


Janell Thomas, MPH 

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